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Rothe, Delf/Fröhlich, Christiane/Rodriguez Lopez, Miguel. Forthcoming. Digital humanitarianism and the visual politics of the refugee camp – (un)seeing control. International Political Sociology.

Fröhlich, Christiane. 2019. Water and Power. International and sub-state water allocation conflicts. Environmental Security: Concepts, Challenges, and Case Studies, ed. by John M. Lanicci, Elisabeth Hope Murray, and James D. Ramsay. Boston: American Meteorological Society.

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Ide, Tobias/Rodriguez Lopez, Miguel/Fröhlich, Christiane/Scheffran, Jürgen. 2020. Pathways to water conflict during drought in the MENA region. Journal of Peace Research, doi: https: 10.1177/0022343320910777. [open access]

Klepp, Silja, und Christiane Fröhlich. 2020. Migration and Conflict in a Global Warming Era: A Political Understanding of Climate Change. Introduction to Special Issue of the same title, Social Sciences 9(5), doi: 10.3390/socsci9050078. [open access]

Boas, Ingrid/Farbotko, Carol/Adams, Helen (…) Fröhlich, Christiane et. al. 2019. Climate Migration Myths. Nature Climate Change 9(12), 901-903; doi: 10.1038/s41558-019-0633-3.

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