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Christiane Fröhlich researches human mobility within and from the Global South at the GIGA German Institute for Global and Area Studies in Hamburg. She is particularly interested in understandings of migration/mobility as ‘critical’ in different socio-political contexts and in the interactions between people on the move and actors trying to control such movement. She  approaches her respective research questions from a critical, post-/de-/anticolonial perspective. Her regional focus is mainly on the Middle East (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine, Turkey), where she has conducted extensive field research. She is also engaged in cross-regional comparative projects, including the EU-funded consortium “Migration Governance and Asylum Crises (MAGYC)“, in which she leads a work package on “Comparing Crises. Lessons from «migration crises» in North Africa, the Middle East and the Greater Horn of Africa.” Fröhlich holds a PhD from the Center for Conflict Studies at Marburg University, a Master in Peace and Security Studies from Hamburg University, and an M.A. in English language, literature and culture, contemporary history and psychology from Hamburg and Warwick Universities.

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